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We only carry out BMW approved & recognised coding & retrofits.

What is coding?

Coding is a specific group of data assigned to a control unit. Coding includes features which can be switched on/off e.g. drive away locking and flashing indicators when locking/unlocking the vehicle.

What is programming?

Programming loads specific operating instructions. For an ECU (engine control unit), this would write the program responsible for  injecting the fuel. In addition, it can be used as a means of updating data and operating instructions previously installed in a control unit. If an engine functioned poorly from start-up because of the fuelling, this could be re-written and re-entered into the control unit.

What is the purpose of programming?

BMW and Mini design a large variety of control units to meet vehicle requirements pertaining to issues such as:

  • country specific regulations (US, Canada, Japan, UK…)
  • Vehicle equipment level (phone, navigation…)
  • Vehicle power train configuration (manual, auto, petrol, diesel)

Code-able control units contain:

  • Common operating program
  • Large number of specific operating data groups.

This type of control unit must first be coded to ensure the operating data specific to the vehicle and model.

Programmable control units contain:

  • Required/specific operational data
  • Non-operating program

This type of control unit must first be programmed to ensure the operating program specific to that vehicle/model is used.

What is needed to CODE and PROGRAM?

A BMW approved battery charger  and BMW/Mini ISTA/P software is required to code and program your vehicle. BmMotorWorks have all the necessary software to carry out all your programming and coding needs.

Disclaimer: programming should only be carried out if required. In many cases, certain control units are susceptible to crashing/failing and cannot be recovered. BmMotorWorks can certainly advise you on what course of action to take but unfortunately, cannot accept responsibility for control units which fail during a programming session.


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