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The timing chain in an engine is similar to a bike chain which connects moving parts in the engine. It is critical that the ‘timing’ of these moving parts are congruent otherwise the engine will only partly function or not function at all.


BMW/Mini timing chains

BMW and Mini engines may suffer from problems with timing chains, for example stretching, jumping or snapping.

If the chain ‘stretches’, the valve timing of the engine is no longer perfectly synchronised and therefore the engine management will log a fault, the EML light will illuminate and this could result in a loss of power.

If the timing chain jumps a tooth, the engine will not run smoothly/lose power, accompanied by the EML being illuminated.

If the chain jumps more than 2 teeth, the engine will cut out and not restart.

The worst possible scenario is that the timing chain snaps. In this instance, the timing chain is no longer linking the moving parts, they are in fact now colliding, causing catastrophic damage.

In the first 3 instances, the procedure is to replace the timing chain/guides and any complete any other necessary work to get the engine running correctly again.

If the timing chain has snapped, the only procedure is to remove the engine and replace all damaged parts or replace the engine in its entirety.


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