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What are swirl flaps?

Swirl flaps have been fitted on BMW diesel engines from 2001 onwards. The swirl flaps are located in the intake manifold and are designed to create air turbulence or ‘swirl’ of the air going into the cylinders.

This circulating air mixes with the injected diesel more efficiently to create a more even combustion.  The swirl flaps are situated on every cylinder intake port and are similar to a butterfly valve. Over time, the swirl flap can become loose from the spindle they are riveted to and eventually break off and become sucked into the affected cylinder causing catastrophic engine damage. This can be avoided by removing the inlet manifold and swirl flaps and fitting specialist blanking flaps in place of the butterfly flaps which would negate engine failure.

Removing the swirl flaps will not affect the performance of your engine nor will it create any faults.

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